Product Launch FAQs

Barcode Verification reports will be provided regardless of when they were last tested.

This does not affect the Product Launch service provided. Your current membership will continue as normal (including member benefits and costs).

Please download and complete a request form.

Send the completed form together with your product(s) to the Sydney or Melbourne office.

GS1 Testing Services
Lakes Business Park
Building 4B, 2-4 Lord Street
Botany NSW 2019

GS1 Testing Services
8 Nexus Court
Mulgrave VIC 3170

If you require additional or new images for the products that have been uploaded into NPC, this will be considered a new photography job and charged at the regular photography rates.

As a part of Product Launch, you will not receive access to the National Product Catalogue.

  • High-resolution images can be used for print, catalogues, and web applications.

  • Low-resolution images can be used for planogram and shelf space management.

As a Product Launch Customer, you will receive:

Barcode Check

  • Up to 3 barcode verification reports per product (consumer, inner, carton)


  • High-resolution image of the consumer unit

  • Low-resolution planogram images of the consumer unit

National Product Catalogue

  • Product Catalogue set-up and initial data entry

  • Published to one trading partner

  • The National Product Catalogue provides them with direct access to your product, item, and price information (meeting industry standard). It eliminates the need for product and price changes via paper submission and underpins the use of EDI (for Electronic Purchase orders) on the retailer's system.

  • Image loaded

  • Image available to one trading partner

Additional requests above and beyond the services covered here will incur a small cost. Please refer to the fee schedule for more information.

You have a window of two weeks to resend your products with updated barcodes. You will not be charged for additional tests.

The turnaround time is normally 5-10 days depending on the quantity of products and quality of information provided in a timely manner. Please allow sufficient time to complete all work and for the retailer to take action on their side before your product is available.

A high-resolution image and a low-resolution planogram image are provided for the consumer unit. Additional images are charged at normal photography costs.

Image specification for low-resolution images are:

File Type: JPEG
Background Colour: White (RGB 255/255/255)
Colour Mode: RGB
Resolution: 120ppi
Dimensions: 324 pixels as the image's largest dimension
Colour Profile: ICC Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Image specification for high-resolution images are:

File Type: JPEG
Background Colour: White (RGB 255/255/255)
Colour Mode: RGB
Resolution: 300ppi
Dimensions: 4000 pixels x 4000 pixels
Clipping Paths: One active clipping path

GS1 Australia's Testing and Photography Services Department will contact you and advise you of the next steps. If damages affect the condition of the images being taken, you may need to resend your products.

Suppliers, who have a turnover less than 5 million and are not existing users of the National Product Catalogue master data and digital content.

Suppliers with a turnover of over 5 million can utilize this service; however, they will need to pay additional fees for their National Product Catalogue master data and digital content.

In order to use the Product Launch service, you must either be subscribed to both NPC master data and digital content OR not subscribed to both NPC master data and digital content.

Note: Product Launch must not be used to create trading/commercial agreements with your customer. The service is to be used to launch products with a retailer once trading agreements are in place.

Once your image, product item, and price data have been uploaded into the National Product Catalogue, your data will go through a process of validation by GS1 and your nominated retailer.

  • We will issue a National Product Catalogue Ready alert to your retailer once the information meets industry requirements and their standards.

  • Your retailer will then perform internal checks on the data before loading this into their systems. You will receive advice from them once this process is completed.

Once your data is received and synchronized with your retailer, the products need to be maintained on the National Product Catalogue.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and your business turnover is less than 5 million, you will not incur additional costs to subscribe to the National Product Catalogue master data and digital service. Any additional Barcode Testing or Photography will incur additional fees.

However, if your business turnover is greater than 5 million, then additional costs apply.