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What is GS1 Australia Barcode Check?

Without an accurate and scannable barcode, you can't sell your products, retailers can't stock your products on their shelves and customers can't buy your products.

We have tested more than 1.5 million barcodes to ensure they scan first time, every time.

  • It's preferable to submit your barcodes in their final form, however we can also test loose labels and packaging
  • We test on a range of factors - including compliance to global standards, size, colour, print quality, numbering and more
  • Once tested, we will provide you with a GS1 Australia Barcode Verification Report, indicating the compliance of your barcode and if necessary, any changes you may need to make.
  • GS1 Australia accepts digital files for Interim Barcode reports (ISO grades/print quality standards are not assessed/reported). Files must be in PDF format with the barcode at actual size. To have your digital files tested please email us. You should also include a covering letter with your details or a completed Barcode Testing and Photography order form. See also our barcode testing checklist for more information on submitting items for testing.
  • With the increased requirement of digitised processes and traceability, scanning is becoming an important part of ensuring accuracy and safety in healthcare. Download the Barcode Check in Healthcare flyer

Learn more: how we ensure barcode integrity

Download flyer: Does your barcode check out?

Benefits of Barcode Check

Save time and money
Avoid having to re-design, re-print, or recall products due to ineffective or unworkable barcodes.

Use the service used and trusted by Australia’s leading retailers
When major retailers want to check barcodes on their own branded products, they use the GS1 Australia Barcode Check service.
We not only check that print quality meets the standard but more importantly we validate that the barcode number is correct to ensure that it will scan first time, every time.
Barcode Check is about peace of mind. For retailers and brand owners alike.

Service you can trust
When you turn to GS1 Australia to test your barcodes, you're choosing the world's largest authority on barcode numbering. You can also rest assured that we test our barcodes using a rigorous ISO 15416 verification (testing) method and check for compliance to GS1 standards.

Ensure better relationships with customers
Many retailers are increasingly intolerant of products that cause scanning errors. Several also now require GS1 Australia Barcode Check as a mandatory step in the supply chain.

Watch video: The importance of getting barcodes tested

Without the support from the Barcode Check team, we would not have been compliant - their feedback and support was nothing short of brilliant.

Matt Cramer
Operations Manager, Medical Developments International


To learn more about Barcode Check contact us or phone:

Melbourne: +61 3 9550 3464
Sydney: +61 2 9695 2201

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