Savings Calculator

Identify savings to improve your bottom line!

The GS1 Australia Savings Calculator v2.0 is a fast and efficient way to analyse your business data and uncover hidden savings. The latest version of the online tool features calculations for NPC, advanced reporting and enhanced functions.

The Savings Calculator has been developed in conjunction with leading universities including La Trobe, Deakin and Cranfield UK, leveraging the work completed by GS1 UK and GS1 France.

A number of GS1 Australia members, including retailers, buying organisations and suppliers have also assisted in the development and testing of the Savings Calculator.

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What is the Savings Calculator?

The GS1 Australia Savings Calculator is an online business analytics tool that helps organisations uncover hidden savings within their supply chain.

The automation of Order to Cash EDI and Master Data Exchange (NPC) processes can provide your company with a competitive advantage.

  • Suitable for suppliers and retailers
  • Instant results delivered in an easy-to-read report
  • Specifically tailored for your business
  • Strong quantitative data to support your business case

Benefits of the Savings Calculator

Cut costs, eliminate errors and shorten delivery time
Uncover the cost savings that can be achieved through streamlining your supply chain and data processes, including ordering, delivery and payment.

Highlight manual inefficiencies
Understand the costs that manual sharing of data is adding to your bottom line.

Achieve greater customer satisfaction
Reduce your out-of-stocks, avoid order rejections and ensure timely deliveries to dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Based on a proven, global system
The GS1 standards have been developed by industry, for industry. The Savings Calculator demonstrates the benefits of adopting a trusted, global system.

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