Savings Calculator FAQs

The GS1 Australia Savings Calculator is an industry-tested online tool developed in conjunction with leading universities in Australia and the UK, adapted from existing GS1 Savings Calculators.

Anyone can use the Savings Calculator without having to take up GS1 Australia membership.

The Savings Calculator is a free service offered by GS1 Australia to aid companies who are looking to increase efficiencies in their supply chain.

The Savings Calculator was developed to be industry agnostic. There are two calculators to select from - one for the buyer and one for the supplier.

To access the Savings Calculator, you need to register online. This is the same location where you will log into the Savings Calculator.

Your password must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one upper case letter and at least one number or symbol.

Access the Savings Calculator and click on the 'Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the login page. Follow the prompts and you will be able to reset your password.

Firstly, try resetting your password. If you get an error message on the reset password page when you enter your email it may be because you are not using the email you registered with. Either retry with a different email or go back to the login page and register as a new user.

The report generated from the Savings Calculator displays comparative costs of savings that could be made through implementing the GS1 standards. The Savings Calculator is a fast and efficient way to independently analyze your business data and to build a business case for implementing a GS1 system or service.

Currently, this tool focuses on the cost saving relating to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (sometimes called eMessaging). Future versions of the Savings Calculator may include other areas where cost savings can be made through the implementation of the GS1 system, such as global data synchronization.

If you select a 'save data' option, only the last data inputs and results from the savings calculation are kept. Company identification is not kept or associated with your data. If you opt not to save your data, no data is kept.

Go to the Savings Calculator and download the checklist that outlines all the data you need.

You can contact the GS1 Australia Advisory Services team for general assistance on using the Savings Calculator.

On the report page there is an email button. When you click on the email button an email is sent to your registered email address which contains a link to view your report, not a copy of the report. We recommend you save a copy of the report for your records.​ This link will take you to the most current report you have saved. If you have changed your calculations since the email was generated you will be taken to the latest report you created. Please note that if you have chosen not to save your data and you have logged out of the Savings Calculator you will not be able to access a report.

We recommend you don't give out your username and password. If another person wishes to access the Savings Calculator. Please have them register and access the calculator using their own login details.

To save a copy of your report, generate the report then click on the print button. Instead of printing to a printer, select the option to save as a PDF. This function uses your computer's inbuilt print options.

For each section of the calculator, an instant report is displayed onscreen. You can also generate an onscreen report from all your calculations and print this report using your computer's inbuilt print options.

The print report option uses your computer's inbuilt print function. Please check your computer's and printer's instruction manual.

Go to the data you want to update. Delete the data then enter the new data. Remember to click on the 'Calculate Savings' button for each section you have re-entered data before you generate a new report.

The Savings Calculator is a secure application hosted in Australia and uses industry standard encryption technologies (HTTPS). All sensitive information such as registration details, username, and passwords are encrypted during transmission

Contact the GS1 Australia Advisory Services team who will assist you to interpret your report and provide advice on how the GS1 system and services can help your business.

Your savings calculator data can be used to develop a whole of industry benchmark. This could be used in the future to provide users an indication of the savings that other organizations of similar size, and in similar sectors, have been able to obtain through the use of GS1 standards. No company identification is kept or associated with your data.

When you log in and select the Savings Calculator you want to use, you have the option to select how you want your data saved. If you did not select a 'save data' option, the previously entered data will not be available. You must select one of the two 'save data' options for your data to be available next time you log in.

If you are inactive on the calculator for 30 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out. If you have opted to save your data, when you log back into the calculator you will be able to continue from where you left off.