Product Launch

Give your product the best chance of success!

If you need to get your product to market, then you will need reliable barcodes, correct weight and measurements, and high quality photographs.

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Product Launch

Get your product to market with reliable barcodes, weights and measurements and high quality photos.

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What is Product Launch?

This service has been designed to make the introduction of a product onto retail shelves as easy and painless as possible, both for you and the retailer.

Your product is tested, measured, photographed and loaded onto the National Product Catalogue (NPC) by the GS1 team. Pallet configuration, non-retail weights/measures and pricing details are also included.

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An introduction into Product Launch

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Benefits of Product Launch

Barcode Check
Be confident that your barcodes scan every time.

Ensure you have the highest quality product shots for planograms, advertising and online shopping.

Weights and Measurements
Rest assured that you always have accurate consumer product data.

National Product Catalogue
A secure way to share your product data from a single source.
Manage and share images, digital assets and data with your trading partners.

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