National Location Registry in Healthcare

Ensuring accurate location information to support traceability and a safer, more efficient healthcare

The National Location Registry is a digital registry that enables health providers, distributors and suppliers to store, share and manage their party and location master data in a consistent and timely way.

Originally developed in conjunction with the Australian Healthcare sector to support supply chain reform as ‘Locatenet’, the National Location Registry continues to support the healthcare sector needs with the added benefit of use by their freight and logistics partners. Use of the platform ensures that organisations are speaking the same language when referring to locations - be they Physical or Virtual - ensuring greater ability to digitise processes and enable event-based traceability.

Data supported by the registry includes Trading Partners, Pricing locations, Invoicing parties, EDI mailboxes, NPC catalogues, Delivery points such as warehouses, theatres, imprests, pharmacies, wards and more.

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08 Feb
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