National Location Registry modules


The National Location Registry in Healthcare

The NLR for Healthcare is a registry of location details for all stakeholders in the sector. It is widely used for identifying physical and functional (pricing) locations to support the movement and distribution of goods throughout the healthcare system. Benefits include:

  • Supports eProcurement and B2B

  • Improves traceability and recall of therapeutic goods

  • Assists in the management and maintenance of product data for the National Product Catalogue

  • Contributes to the digitisation of the Health system

  • Integrated with the National Product Catalogue and Recall Health services

The National Location Registry in Freight

The NLR for Freight supports the sharing of accurate and timely information about delivery and dispatch locations to support the national freight task. Benefits include:

  • Up to date information about pick up and delivery locations

  • Precision on correct delivery points

  • Details of equipment, PUD parameters, restrictions, curfews, other site conditions

  • Supports Chain of Responsibility and driver well being

  • Efficient synchronisation of data with carriers

  • Contributes to driver well being

In addition, the National Location Registry significantly reduces errors and ambiguity in the communication of location information between supply partners, as well as the resulting re-work arising from errors and ambiguity.
A centralised database that allows organisations to maintain location information once, and based on agreed standards, directly reduces administration effort and cost across the supply chain.