Barcodes for selling on Catch

If you are planning to sell your products on Catch, the first step is to join GS1 Australia and obtain barcodes.  When you become a member you obtain the licence for a unique range of barcode numbers and also gain access to a range of services, support, training and more.

We are the only authorised place where you can get genuine Australian barcodes.

Barcodes and onboarding
If you are already a member of GS1 Australia and have your barcodes and not sure what to do next, we have provided some general advice regarding common issues sellers have in the Catch onboarding process.

What information do I need to provide to Catch?
You need to provide Catch with the barcode number or the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN).  Do not provide the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

What is the difference between a MPN and GTIN?
A Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is assigned by the manufacturer and enables you to identify multiple products from the same manufacturer. The MPN is usually positioned near the barcode number or GTIN on the box or label. The MPN is not the same as a GTIN.

I don’t have a barcode number/GTIN, can I use another number in its place?
No, you cannot replace a barcode number/GTIN with any other number. If you do this, there will be significant delays in getting your product online.

Check if your GTIN (barcode number) is a valid GS1 issued number before you list on Catch Marketplace

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