Make more detailed and accurate product information visible across the web, especially unique attributes for commodity products.

SmartSearch is available to everyone but is more effective if using the GS1 system.


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Increase your online sales

Increase your online sales

Get more click-throughs with GS1 SmartSearch

What is SmartSearch?

It is a standard that makes it easier to share richer and more accurate product data with search engines.

It assists in creating structured product data related to its GTIN. This product data can then be used by search engines to deliver a richer experience to the consumer. 

What does SmartSearch add in addition to Google Analytics and

If you already use Google Analytics and to describe products, by using SmartSearch you can further enhance your results. The GS1 Web Vocabulary is intended to complement existing methods. Additional benefits are;

  • Provides more detailed facts about your products and offerings.  
  • Attributes are derived directly from existing GS1 standard terms which will assist companies who are already using GS1 standards.

Three steps to success with SmartSearch:

  1. Convert your product data into GS1 SmartSearch format by populating the fields in this tool. This creates the JSON-LD file which is then embedded into your online product webpages.

    Note: to understand the types of data to input, you can press the Use Demo Values button at the bottom of the page within the tool.

  2. Press the Create JSON-LD markup… button to create the file. Embed this file in the templates of your product webpages.  The person responsible for maintaining product pages can do this.
  3. Publish your web page/s.

Read the Implementation Guidelines

GS1 SmartSearch

video • 1:50min

Benefits of GS1 SmartSearch

Consumers are influenced by information they find on the web. By adding structured information to your product webpages, search engines display more relevant search results to your consumers. This leads to more click-throughs to your product pages and potentially, more sales. 

How GS1 SmartSearch works
Creates standardised and structured product information for web developers to embed in web pages, for use by search engines.

GS1 SmartSearch standards
GS1 SmartSearch is based on standards like the universal GS1 barcode number already used by manufacturers and retailers. Working collectively with members, standards organisations and search engine companies, we've made it easier to describe products on the web. GS1 SmartSearch has recently been welcomed as the first external extension to Learn more

View GS1 SmartSearch standards and guidelines


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