Traceability and provenance

GS1 Advisory Services help companies implement the most suitable traceability solutions for your business and your budget. Enhancing visibility across your supply chain in real-time using GS1 standards as the foundation and making it possible for different solutions to operate efficiently with each other. 

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GS1 traceability is a framework that can be applied by any business, regardless of industry or size and integrates with existing technologies, making it possible for different solutions to operate efficiently with each other. As a result, the sharing of information between supply chain stakeholders is simple and effective.

Traceability Assessment

A comprehensive, unbiased assessment of your current traceability status and recommendations for improvements.

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Traceability Training

Customised training for your organisation led by accredited practitioners. GS1 traceability training helps you understand the key principles of end-to-end traceability.

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Traceability Discovery

Uncover answers to your traceability challenges. Traceability Discovery provides you with guidance to address these using a defined implementation plan.

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Desktop Review

GS1 standards delivering end-to-end traceability, verification, authentication and provenance.

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Case Study

GS1 traceability achieving annual cost savings of USD $1.3 million for Subway.

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GS1 Traceability

Using the common platform of GS1 standards, supply chain visibility is available to all organisations to readily improve product safety, ensure product authenticity and provenance.

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