Advice on assigning GLNs

GS1 Australia members can assign Global Location Numbers (GLNs) through two different methods.

  1. Full members can assign GLNs from their GS1 Company Prefix OR have GS1 Australia assign GLNs directly to you in packs of 10, 100 and 1,000.

  2. Members without a GS1 Company Prefix can have GS1 Australia assign GLNs directly to you in packs of 10, 100 and 1,000.

Further advice for full members with a GS1 Company Prefix

Full members with GCPs should note that we have observed some challenges with the practice of assigning GLNs from a GCP as it can cause confusion -

  • Within your company’s operations as it can be a struggle to clearly differentiate the numbers within your own systems

  • With your trading partners that use both GLNs and GTINs

  • In situations where company acquisition and mergers take place and numbers need to be allocated between multiple entities.

We therefore suggest that you consider all of these implications when deciding on the best way for you to assign your GLNs. If you decide to utilise the packs managed by GS1 Australia, please note that there is an extra charge for that product. 
Whilst GS1 standards support either method of assigning GLNs, our recommendation is that the value of the GLN is not the same as any value that you have already assigned to Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).
Please note that currently Manage My Locations only supports assignment from the separate GLN packs. As an organisation that licences GCP's, you are unable to use this tool to assign GLNs from your GCP and should manage this within your own operations and systems.
This capability will be available in the future, likely to be sometime in 2024.