Benefits of EPC Encoder/Decoder

Each GS1 Identification Key (GTIN, GLN, SSCC, GRAI, GIAI etc.) may be encoded in an EPC structure, typically for use in an RFID tag or EPCIS. The “Pure Identity” form of the EPC is the main form that business applications and information systems use when they want to refer to any object by its EPC identifier. 

The EPC “Tag URI” and “EPC Binary Encoding” are specific to the use in RFID systems. The Tag URI is used in some RFID software, and the EPC Binary Encoding is what is actually programmed into the tag’s memory as the EPC.  

You will find this tool helpful in translating keys encoded in a barcode with various GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs) into an EPC representing the same identifier, or vice versa (e.g. serialised GTINs or SSCCs in barcodes translated into EPC form and back). 

You will need to know the length of your GS1 Company Prefix for the tool to work properly. You can find your GS1 Company Prefix on the new member letter or welcome email you received from GS1 Australia when your company became a member. 

This tool is based on the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard 1.13.

For more information, please contact our Standards Office