Coles Master Data and eCommerce Strategy

Coles Master Data and eCommerce Strategy for 2022-23 will leverage supplier sourced data from the National Product Catalogue to support automation and opportunities to accelerate eCommerce channels by better and efficient sharing of product information from the NPC.

This program seeks your participation by ensuring your master data is accurate, including a strong focus on eCommerce data for all products published to Coles. This is key to the success of your products in aligning with future initiatives. 

Master Data Accuracy

Your master data is being evaluated for data quality issues around Net Content, Net Weights, Temperature, Dangerous Goods information, as well as the Health Star Rating, Diet and Nutritional Type information, among others.
By addressing the data quality now and ensuring a comprehensive level of on-pack detail is available on the NPC, you will alleviate issues related to your product data in Coles Master Data Management Systems and its flow on effect and costs for Coles and you as the product owner - resulting from bad data.

The error report will contain your GTIN, product description and the error. All you need to do is login to the NPC platform and correct the data there and submit/release it. An allocated NPC Supplier Engagement analyst will contact you to assist and request updates for Coles.

eCommerce (on-pack information)

Product data published to Coles must also have the appropriate on-pack information such as Ingredients, Allergens, Product Nutritional Panel, Nutritional Claims, Diet type, Marketing Message, Warning Statements and Country of Origin information. This is important for Coles’ eCommerce strategy for 2022.
Additionally, by providing a comprehensive level of on pack detail, your items may capture a greater audience, through a valued information proposition on the COLES platform, via the use of filters and keywords, assisting customers to make informed decisions on which product to purchase.

If you currently don’t have on-pack data in the NPC, you can populate this data with assistance by emailing the NPC support team for a full review of your digital content data on the NPC. Whether you are a grocery supplier or Liquor supplier – this data requirement applies to both.