Drakes NPC Supplier Onboarding

Drakes has extended its supermarket business to include warehousing, so accurate data is critical to receipt of orders at the dock, deliveries to stores and accounts.

The National Product Catalogue ensures quality and accurate supplier data throughout all parts of their supply chain.

Drakes is no longer simply a supermarket business, meaning that any incorrect data affects multiple parts of their supply chain.

Something as simple as an incorrect recording of inners in a shipper can impact orders placed by the inventory team including:

  • The way the delivery is receipted at the receiving dock

  • Deliveries to stores

  • How the order is invoiced and paid by accounts

Incorrect data also affects Drake’s suppliers and how they record and process orders in their systems and pick and pack orders.

Data provided by suppliers on the NPC is used directly in the set-up and maintenance of products, and is extracted, periodically. 

Drakes has always been mindful of how their processes affect suppliers. The National Product Catalogue provides them with accurate product data collection and a high level of ongoing customer support.


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