Volume/Weight amount C1D1 (C1D1-C5D5) / UOM

Attribute Name: volumeWeightAmountC1D1 + measurementUnitCode
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 8
Repeatable: No
Code List:
AVP: Yes
Applies to: Base Unit
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The numeric value of the volume or mass of a single unit of medication.

If Healthcare Component Type = M or D and Countable items is not used then this is Mandatory.


Product containing 4 ampoules, each with 50mL injection solution.
The volume amount will be “50.0”. The UOM will be MLT.

Product containing 2 jars, each with 100g cream.
The weight amount will be “100”. The UOM will be GRM.

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