Trade Item Unit Descriptor Code

Attribute Name: tradeItemUnitDescriptorCode
Data Type: String
Max Length: 80
Repeatable: No
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Describes the hierarchical level of the trade item.



GS1 Baked Beans 200g = BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH

GS1 Baked Beans 200g x 12 = PACK_OR_INNER_PACK

GS1 Baked Beans 200g x 12 X 4 = CASE


PHARMA Z Tablets 100mcg for Adults x 100 = BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH

PHARMA Z Tablets 100mcg for Adults x 100 x 40 = CASE

Useful Tips:
  • Not all hierarchical level codes are supported by all industry sectors. Predominatly, CASE, PACK_OR_INNER_PACK, BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH are used. Consult your NPC Customer Support Advisor first before using other codes.

  • Code List Definitions

    • BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH:​ This is the lowest level of the item hierarchy intended for individual retail sale. Note: for Healthcare this is the lowest level of packaging issued or dispensed.

    • CASE: This is typically the logistical shipping unit.

    • DISPLAY_SHIPPER: This may be a display or shipper unit that contains several different items, or it may be a case that contains more than one “each” GTIN. Also known as Display / Shipper / Mixed Case.

    • MIXED_MODULE: This is a “mixed pallet” or “display ready pallet” that is not the normal configuration of ordering for the products contained with the configuration. This is a pallet that contains more than one child GTIN.

    • PACK_OR_INNER_PACK: This may be a consumable pack or it may be a logistical pack with or without a physical barcode. The inner pack is not the primary logistical shipping unit. All components of the pack have their own separate scannable barcodes physically attached.

    • TRASPORT_LOAD: The trade item above the pallet level used for transporting trade items. This level can be used to define truckloads, shipping containers, rail cars, ships, etc. This level can contain a single GTIN or multiple GTINs