Ship To GLN

Attribute Name: shipTo
Data Type: Integer
Max Length: 13
Repeatable: Yes
Code List: No
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Price Location Code (GLN - Global Location Number). The ‘Ship To’ attribute allows a Publisher to create unique price records based on the destination location(s) or entity(s).


Healthcare Co supplies products to 3 Hospitals in Victoria (Austin, Southern & Mercy Hospital).

If prices were the same, Healthcare Co would have the GLN of State Health Jurisdictions populated in the ‘Ship To’ field (9339626009991).

If the pricing is different, the GLNs of the Austin (9377779150122), Southern (9377779117767) and Mercy (9377779153734) Hospitals will appear in the ‘Ship To’ field in a separate pricing record for each hospital.

Note: If multiple Ship To(s) are specified, then 1 only Ship From can be specified (applicable to NZ only, Ship From GLNs are not used in AU)

Useful Tips:
  • Use valid GLN allocated by GS1 Australia or GS1 New Zealand

  • For AU suppliers, GLN must have an NPC Price Location function within Locatenet in order to be used within this field

Healthcare Sector

  • To identify the area health service’s (AHS) and hospitals where the price applies.

  • Prices for public health jurisdiction must contain at least one ‘Ship To’ GLN (whole of state, area health service or hospital).

  • The GLN directory service for healthcare, ‘National Location Registry (NLR)’ maintains the GLNs allocated to Jurisdictions, AHS and Hospitals. Please visit:

NZ Hardware Sector

  • If your product has a national price and you have a specific region or store exception to the national price; the national price GLN (typically your retailer's GLN) needs to be specified in the shipTo field, with a separate price record created for the exception.