Referenced Trade Item GTIN

Attribute Name: referencedTradeItemTypeCode -> gtin
Data Type: Integer
Max Length: 14
Repeatable: Yes
Code List: No
TPD: Yes
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Replacement Of
Last Modified: 08/03/2024

GTIN associated with the applicable Referenced File Type Code.


A packet of biscuits has a GTIN of 09312345678914. The manufacturer has decided to change the packaging configuration significantly affecting Additional Dimensions etc. This will result in a new GTIN of 09312345678921 for the packet of biscuits.

The Referenced Trade Item Type Code is REPLACED
The GTIN is 09312345678914

Useful Tips:
  • Repeatable as a group.

  • Must be a valid GTIN expressed in 14 digits.

  • This field is supported by the National Product Catalogue as a Trading Partner Dependent (TPD) attribute. For more information on TPD attributes, please contact your NPC Customer Support Team.