Product Depth / UOM

Attribute Name: depth + measurementUnitCode
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 15
Repeatable: No
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Depth (mm)
NPC Xpress Rail Attribute: Depth
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The measurement from front to back of the trade item. For a consumer item, you would measure from front to back of the item, in its packaging. For non-consumer units, measure the longest side of the item, in its packaging.


Product Depth = 120

Product Depth UOM = MMT

Useful Tips:
  • Recommended Unit Of Measure is Millimetres (MMT).

  • Use an average value for variable measure trade items.

  • GTIN allocation rules require a new GTIN if the Depth dimension has changed by more than 20%.