Price Type Description

Attribute Name: priceTypeDescription
Data Type: String
Max Length: 128
Repeatable: No
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Discounts (Allowances) in the National Product Catalogue are of the form of ‘Off Invoice’ discounts. Rebates are not ‘Off Invoice’ discounts, but rather come into effect after certain agreed thresholds such as total annual spend or quantity buys have been met. They are often implemented as credits back to the customer after the threshold has been met. The National Product Catalogue does not support rebates. They are not to be included in any prices loaded into the National Product Catalogue.


ABC Supplies gives XYZ Supermarkets a 5% Warehouse Allowance for their Raw Sugar product.

Price Type =                               ALLOWANCE

Price Type Description =            WAREHOUSE

Useful Tips:

Healthcare Sector

  • For a rental product, enter ‘Rental’. For a buy-outright product, leave blank

Coles, Metcash, Foodstuffs

  • This field must be populated only if the Price Type Code is an Allowance or Charge.

  • Use the ‘List’ price and any allowances and charges to calculate the actual invoice price (last cost) for the product

Woolworths AU/NZ

  • If LIST_PRICE the price type description must be OTHER.

  • If ALLOWANCE the price type description must be one of: DEFERRED_DEAL_1, OFF_INVOICE_DEAL_1, MISCELLANEOUS.

  • IF CHARGE the price type description must be one of: FREIGHT, MISCELLANEOUS, DEFERRED_CONTAINER or CONTAINER.

       Note: CONTAINER or DEFERRED_CONTAINER is used for Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) charges.