Party Receiving Private Data

Attribute Name: partyRoleCode = PARTY_RECEIVING_PRIVATE_DATA + gln
Data Type: Integer
Max Length: 13
Repeatable: Yes
Code List: No
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

GLN identifying a Recipient(s) who is allowed to access this item's data. This field is generally populated for private brands only.
If you populate this attribute, the item cannot be published to any GLNs other than those entered in this attribute.

Industry Sector or Recipient Specific Requirements:
No Foodstuffs Own Brands data should be loaded in your catalogue


9313938000433 – ABC Stores

Useful Tips:
  • If the item is part of a product hierarchy, each item within the hierarchy must contain the same GLN.

  • Always use a valid GLN allocated by GS1.

  • This attribute is mutually exclusive with attribute Community Visibility Date Time.

  • For Certified Product Partners, this attribute must be implemented to send Trading Partner Dependent fields for specific data recipient within a CIN message.