Net Content / UOM

Attribute Name: netContent + measurementUnitCode
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 15
Repeatable: Yes
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Net Content
NPC Xpress Rail Attribute: Net Content
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The amount of the trade item contained by a package as claimed on the label. Retailers use this value to create shelf price tags that match the package. It’s important that the value here matches the label claim exactly.


A six pack of yogurt, each pack contains 175 grams. Two Net Content / Net Content UOM entries are required. The first entry lists the total net content (175 grams * 6 = 1.05 KG); the second entry indicates the number of individual units.

NetContent 1: 1.05 (UOM is) KGM
NetContent 2: 6 (UOM is) EA

Useful Tips:
  • For a multi-pack, specify the net content of the total trade item.

  • For variable quantity trade items, specify the average quantity.

  • Net Content can repeat by the unit of measure (UOM), but cannot repeat for the same UOM.

Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)

  • When Net Content UOM equals ‘MLT’ or ‘LTR’ then a second Net Content + Net Content UOM is mandatory with UOM = ‘EA’