Minimum Trade Item Lifespan from Time of Arrival

Attribute Name: minimumTradeItemLifespanFromTimeOfArrival
Data Type: Integer
Max Length: 4
Repeatable: No
Code List: No
TPD: Yes
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Minimum Lifespan From Time of Arrival at Retailer (days)
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The period of days, guaranteed by the manufacturer, before the expiration date of the trade item, based on arrival to a mutually agreed to point in the buyers distribution system.


Milk products always have a “sell by” date. Therefore, you would enter 14 days for this attribute, if you can guarantee that the Retailer will always receive the product at least 14 days before the “sell by date.”

Useful Tips:
  • Zero is not a valid value for this field.

  • Negative Values are not allowed in this field.

  • This field must be populated in days.

  • This field is supported by the National Product Catalogue as a Trading Partner Dependent (TPD) attribute. For more information on TPD attributes, please contact your NPC Customer Support Team.