Medicine/Device unit name C1D1 (C1D1-C5D5)

Attribute Name: medicineDeviceUnitNameCxDy
Data Type: String
Max Length: 255
Repeatable: No
Code List: No
AVP: Yes
Applies to: Base Unit
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Used to distinguish medications or devices within a multi component or multi medications item e.g. Ingredient(s) plus Strength(s)


Paracetamol 500mg
Ibuprofen 200mg

Useful Tips:
  • Recommended if Healthcare Component Type = D or M.

  • Medicine/Device unit name is required for all Medicines. For Medicines, Active Ingredients and Strength must be provided (e.g. Paracetamol 500mg, Ibuprofen 200mg).

  • Populate for multi Component items. For example, the contraceptive pill, which has different medicines within the same blister pack.