Is packaging labelled for disposal or recovery?

Attribute Name: packagingDisposalRecovery
Data Type: String
Max Length: 1
Repeatable: No
Code List:
AVP: Yes
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Is packaging labelled for disposal or recovery?
Last Modified: 13/03/2024

This question requires you to indicate if the product/SKU has on-pack labelling, informing the consumer of the product of how to dispose of the packaging at end-of-life. The Plastic Identification Code ♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹ (the recycling symbol / Mobius loop with a number inside it) is not considered a disposal label. It does not indicate sustainability or disposal information and cannot be considered as a disposal label for this question. These symbols indicate the type of plastic the item is made from (for example, 1 – PET, 2 – HDPE), and should not be considered for this question. Disposal or recovery claims should be made in compliance with AS/NZS ISO 14021:2000 - Australian/New Zealand Standard – Environmental labels and declarations – Self declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling).