Handling Instructions Code

Attribute Name: handlingInstructionsCodeReference
Data Type: String
Max Length: 35
Repeatable: Yes
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: Handling Instructions
Last Modified: 13/03/2024

A code that defines the processes required to safely handle the trade item.


12 - Refrigeration Not Required

Useful Tips:

For Woolworths/Woolworths NZ, this attribute is required to be completed for all levels of the product hierarchy that are being handled through the DC. The elements of particular interest are ODOUR and ETHYLENE and must be provided.

For ODOUR select from 1 of the following 3 codes:
ODO_N Neutral
ODO_E Emits
ODO_A Absorbs

For ETHYLENE select from 1 of the following 3 codes:
ETH_N Neutral
ETH_E Emits
ETH_A Absorbs

Where Woolworths cannot find values populated for a GTIN which should contain this attribute, Woolworths will assume the default ‘neutral’ values of: ODO_N and ETH_N