GTIN Referenced Trade Item Type Code

Attribute Name: referencedTradeItemTypeCode
Data Type: String
Max Length: 80
Repeatable: Yes
Code List:
TPD: Yes
Applies to: All Levels
NPC Xpress Attribute: REPLACED
Last Modified: 08/03/2024

A code depicting the type of trade item that is referenced for a specific purpose for example substitute, replaced by, equivalent trade items.


EQUIVALENT – A product which can be substituted for the trade item based on supplier defined functional equivalence to the trade item.

REPLACED – Indicates the trade item identification of an item that is being permanently replaced by this trade item.

Useful Tips:
  • Repeatable as a group.

  • This field is supported by the National Product Catalogue as a Trading Partner Dependent (TPD) attribute. For more information on TPD attributes, please contact your NPC Customer Support Team.

Australian Healthcare

  • Use code EQUIVALENT, PRIMARY_ALTERNATIVE, REPLACED_BY, REPLACED, SUBSTITIUTED_BY, SUBSTITUTED where applicable based on the code definitions provided. Both the original and the new products records should be updated with the relevant codes for REPLACED_BY, REPLACED and SUBSTITIUTED_BY, SUBSTITUTED to ensure clear linkages from one product to the other.

Woolworths/Woolworths NZ

  • Use code EQUIVALENT if applicable to the product.

Mitre 10 NZ

  • Use code REPLACED if applicable to the product