Effective Start Date Time

Attribute Name: effectiveStartDateTime
Data Type: DateTime
Max Length: 26
Repeatable: No
Code List: No
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

First day that this pricing component becomes effective.

This is a repeating attribute, both by Effective Start Date Context and within Effective Start Date Context.


Effective Start Date Time =                    2020-07-01T00:00:00    

Effective Start Date Context Code =       FIRST_ORDER_DATE

Useful Tips:
  • Date/time input format may vary from the above; suppliers should verify date/time input formats with their National Product Catalogue certified product partner.

  • Please note that this field can only be corrected if the Start Date is in the future.

  • Allowance/Charge entry will be the same as the Parent price entry

  • For Publisher users, populate the date as text string when using the Excel upload method, omitting seconds (e.g. 202007010000)


  • Pricing start date must always be a Monday Date


  • Price start dates to be identical across all sources of supply. Pricing start date must always be a Monday Date.