Countable Items C1D1 (C1D1-C5D5)

Attribute Name: countableItemsC1D1 - C5D5
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 5
Repeatable: No
Code List: No
AVP: Yes
Applies to: Base Unit
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The number of physically separate units within each single, identical container.

If Healthcare Component Type = M or D, then must have either Countable Items or Volume /Weight amount & Volume/ Weight Unit. i.e. there must be at least one component detail for a component.

Note: This field should be used only for products that are physically countable. For non-countable products (e.g. solutions, powder) leave this field blank and use the “Medication Volume or Weight” fields instead.


Product contains 5 blister packs, each with 10 tablets. The number of countable items is “10” .

Product contains 2 ampoules, each with 30mL solution. The number of countable items does not apply.

Product contains 3 bottles, each with 50 tablets. The number of countable items is "50".

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