Clinical Size Value / UOM

Attribute Name: clinicalSizeValue + measurementUnitCode
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 15
Repeatable: Yes
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

The value to denote the dimensional size which is clinically relevant for the use of the trade item by the clinical user. For example 16 gauge for a needle, or 200 cc for a syringe.

Associated with attributes Clinical Size Value UOM, Clinical Size Description and Clinical Size Type Code.

Note: If more than one Clinical Size Value is applicable to the product, the attribute can be repeated as a group.


Clinical Size Type Code: LUMEN_INNER_DIAMETER

Clinical Size Value: 100

Clinical Size Value UOM: MM

Useful Tips:
  • FDA GUDID attributes

  • Can be repeatable as a group with Clinical Size Value UoM