Healthcare Tender Spreadsheet

Making it easier to use NPC data for tender submissions has been requested by both suppliers and recipients. The reasoning behind it is that it helps remove some effort to source data for a tender whilst at the same time ensuring greater consistency between the data submitted during a Tendering process and the product master data provided on an ongoing basis. There is value to both suppliers and recipients, but it also addresses the significant challenge of the inconsistency between the data created for tenders by sales teams and the data managed by companies’ data teams.

As tenders are highly variable in their formats, with each organisation often having their own preferences and different product group having slightly different data requirements, the download sheet does not align with any specific tendering document format. It aims to provide core data from within the NPC in a file that once downloaded can be easily pasted into the tender-response document(s) favoured by the specific tenderer. The intention is that this tool will help suppliers respond to tenders more quickly and accurately, without the need to hunt for product data across other / disparate systems.

How does the Tender Spreadsheet work?

This feature of the NPC available to product suppliers, accessible using the Publisher User Interface (UI). It enables the user to download a spreadsheet containing your whole catalogue or a search selection thereof, in a format deemed by the industry as being useful to use as a starting point, when responding to tenders from healthcare providers.

It is important to note that this tool cannot be used to maintain your NPC data, it is purely to enable the easy download of your existing NPC content that is core to tender submissions.

How to download the Tender Spreadsheet

From the Item List screen, simply click the usual download icon and choose “Healthcare Tender Spreadsheet”. For further assistance please contact the NPC Support team