How do I cancel my numbers?

If you wish to cancel some, or all, of your allocated numbers*, you need to be aware of a few things before you proceed.

  • You will lose all rights to the use of these numbers and any products bearing cancelled numbers must be removed from the market

  • Any labels on existing barcoded stock will need to be removed or blanked out before distributing the product

  • Any packaging or labels cannot be used in the supply chain

  • Any GLNs used for EDI messaging and location identification must cease

  • GS1 Australia has the right to notify major Australian and global organisations using the GS1 system of your cancelled numbers

  • If number cancellation results in a re-issue of an unpaid invoice (only applicable in July) administration fees may apply

  • GS1 Australia reserves the right to authenticate the use of these numbers by checking with local and international services

  • We are unable to refund any payments for the partial use of these numbers from your annual membership

  • Reinstatement of numbers, subject to availability, will incur new allocation fees and payment of any outstanding fees where applicable

Should you wish to proceed with cancelling any of your allocated numbers, please contact the GS1 Customer Support team or phone 1300 BARCODE.

* Numbers: i.e. Single Numbers – GTIN-13s, GS1 Company Prefix (GCP), GTIN-8s, Variable Measure Numbers (VMNs), Global Location Numbers (GLNs) etc.