Cancel GS1 Australia membership

If you are considering cancelling your membership, there are a few things you need to know and do before you proceed. 

  • Cease all use of our standards and the numbers that have been provided through your membership 

  • Cease use of any assigned GS1 numbers, including:

    • GTINs for product barcodes

    • SSCCs for shipments

    • GLNs for EDI messaging and location identification

    • All barcoded products must be removed from the market

Note that:

  • We are unable to refund any payments for the partial use of your annual membership 

  • Your membership will remain active until we have confirmation that your assigned GS1 numbers have been removed from the supply chain 

GS1 Australia, in cooperation with its members, actively monitors all barcodes currently in use and will take action if any barcodes using cancelled GS1 numbers are discovered to still be in circulation.
Should you terminate your membership and in the future wish to reinstate it, please be aware there will be reinstatement and potential backdated membership fees incurred. We cannot guarantee that you will have access to the same numbers should you wish to reinstate your membership.

If you wish to proceed with cancelling your membership, please contact us on 1300 227 263 and select option 2 or email GS1 Accounts.

Unsubscribe from service subscription

  • National Location Registry (NLR)

  • National Product Catalogue (NPC)

  • Recall / Recall Health

  • Smart Media

If you wish to proceed with unsubscribing to any of your paid services, please contact us at 1300 227 263 and select option 3, then option 1 or email GS1 Services Admin.