NPC Xpress FAQs

What is NPC Xpress?

NPC Xpress is an easy way for Publisher (online) users to add and update products on the National Product Catalogue. 

We've simplified item and price editing, workflow steps and statuses to make things easy to understand.


Is all my data now in NPC Xpress?

Yes. Your product and price data has been migrated from NPC Publisher to NPC Xpress.

For more information contact our support team at or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2


How is NPC Xpress different?

  • All levels of packaging are shown together as a single product, saving data entry time and removing data duplication
  • Price screens are customised for each specific recipient
  • Many attributes are automatically calculated for you, including inner and case dimensions and descriptions
  • The item editor has been simplified. Attributes are easier to understand and are hidden if they're not needed.

Where are my inners and cases?

Your base unit, inner and case are shown together as a single product.

You can edit the details of the inner and case details by editing the product.

Search for your items using the filters at the top of the Products list.


How do I save my items?

NPC Xpress saves automatically as you move between pages.


How do I release a product?

Separate Release and Publish steps are not required in NPC Xpress.

Simply click Submit on the Review page for your product, then click Add Price or Publish To (as applicable).


How do I publish to a retailer?

If your retailer requires pricing, choose the “Add Price for (Retailer)” option, fill in the details and Submit the price.

This will automatically publish your item to the retailer.

If your retailer does not require pricing, choose the “Publish To (Retailer)” option.


How do I duplicate a product?

For the product you wish to duplicate, click the Action Menu in the Products list and choose “Create a Copy”.  All item data (except GTINs and Your Product Code).  Pricing is not copied to the new item.


Which packaging combinations (hierarchy types) are supported?

  • Base only
  • Base, Inner and Case
  • Base and Case

In future releases other product hierarchy types will be supported (eg Multi-packs)


What types of changes can I make to my products?

  • Correct attributes that were entered incorrectly or add more information requested by your retailer
  • Changes attributes, eg. dates, minor dimension changes of less than 20% (not requiring a GTIN change)
  • Delete/Discontinue - the product is no longer available
  • Modify Prices (This will end current set of prices and replace it with a new set of prices)


What types of changes do NPC Customer Support need to make on my behalf?

Contact our support team to make the following types of changes:

  • Pack Size Change - changes to the number of Base Units in your Inner or Case
  • Updating GTINs or Hierarchy - updating incorrectly entered GTINs or the links between Base Unit, Inner or Case
  • No longer ranged at a specific retailer - a retailer no longer requires your product information

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2

How many prices can I have for a retailer?

Each retailer can have one active set of prices (i.e. previous & current or current & future).

Modifying a price automatically ends the previous price for you.

If you need to view more than one previous price, contact our support team.


How do I end a price?

Modifying a price automatically ends the previous price.

In the Products list, choose "Price for (Retailer)" from the Action Menu, then click Modify Price.

Enter your new price data and click Submit. Your previous price is automatically ended.


How do I delete a product?

In the Products list, choose Delete from the Action Menu.


What if I accidentally delete a product?

We can recover the product and pricing information for you.

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2


Can I save draft products?

Your data is automatically saved as you progress through the steps. Until you click the Submit button on the Review page, your product will remain in draft status.


How do I download a list of all my products?

This will be available in a future version of NPC Xpress.


Can I upload a spreadsheet into NPC Xpress?

This will be available in a future version of NPC Xpress.


How do I add a new retailer to my list of options in the Action button / Item Submission screen?

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2


How do I add additional user logins for my catalogue?

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2


What if I have a question not covered?

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2


What if I have a feature suggestion? 

Contact or 1300 BARCODE options 4, 1, 2