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Mark Blitenhall
By Mark Blitenhall
Manager - Service Engagement

Explore the Features & Benefits of GS1 Australia Recall

Recall has been built for ease of use - to reduce errors, reduce costs and get important information out faster.

Features include:

  • A single standardised process for communicating recall and withdrawal information

  • Clear tracking and reporting, so you know whether recall and withdrawal information was received by supply chain partners

  • Ability to identify original distribution area and products still in distribution

  • Secure online web access anywhere, anytime

  • Cross-border interoperability

  • Improved business processes for responding to recalls and withdrawals

  • Ability to embed product images, additional product information and instructions into notifications

  • A regularly updated database of retail and wholesale company coordinators

  • Ability to provide updates and alerts to notify recipients of new information

  • Detailed audit trail of events, which we use to continuously enhance the process

GS1 Australia Recall