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Maro Sands
By Maro Sands
Manager - Customer Support

Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Assign GS1 Numbers

Once you've joined GS1 Australia, you can start assigning numbers (or GS1 Identification Keys) to your products, cartons, pallets, locations and more. There are different GS1 ID Keys to suit different uses. Depending on your membership type, you may have paid for just one GTIN or thousands of different numbers.

The most commonly used GS1 ID Keys are the GTIN, SSCC and GLN. View the following how-to guides:

Also useful is FAQ: How do I create a barcode number for inner and outer cartons?

Instructions for other GS1 ID Keys can be found in our library.

If you're new to GS1 Australia, it's a great idea to attend our one-day training seminar on the GS1 system. You'll learn about the different types of numbers and how they are created.