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Rack & Shelf Labels Australia Pty Ltd

Formed in 2006, the Rack & Shelf Labels Group provides the complete professional location labelling service to the global warehouse and logistics industry. With facilities in Warrington, England and both Sydney and Melbourne Australia we have a proven track record of delivering products and services to the worlds 6 inhabited continents.
Our comprehensive services includes the design of location numbering systems; Label manufacture using a wide variety of the highest quality materials and production processes attainable, and a professionally managed installation service.

Barcode printing, Scanning & Mobility
Barcode labels
Rack & shelf labelling

Data and Content Management
Creative design and production
Digital content providers

Consulting services

Maximum Barcode Performance – Barcodes perform to the highest attainable Int'l standards to maximise operational performance.

Compatible – Any system is fully evaluated to ensure it can be interfaced with any current and potential IT systems and processes that may be used.

Durable – Standard products are guaranteed for 15 years and are resistant to the rigours of the modern distribution facility and any environmental factors that it may be subjected to.

The Senior Management Team are Chartered Members of the Institute of Logistics & Transport in both the United kingdom & Australia.

Barcode verification case study

"The setting up of a new Distribution Centre presents many challenges; one of those is finding a robust and future-proof location labelling solution. When Tradelink invested in a new, modern Distribution Centre in Western Australia, we required labelling of reserve, long span, cantilever and small binning locations. After researching providers and options, including self-install, we decided to use R&S Labels (Australia). The service provided is testament to their industry knowledge and experience and the installation team was safe, efficient and without fault." Brian Dobbyn, Head of Warehousing and Logistics.

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