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Simplify your business and streamline your supply chain

MessageXchange enables thousands of businesses in Australia and around the globe to automate business processes, increase visibility and improve service. The leading cloud B2B integration and EDI service cost effectively creates a fully automated and paperless supply chain.

Its powerful messaging engine, business process tool and business intelligence dashboards and reports deliver an unparalleled electronic messaging solution that can be tailored for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

MessageXchange seamlessly connects to your business applications (like your ERP or accounting package) to automate the sending and receipt of electronic messages (such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and invoices) and provides a real-time view of the exchange securely via the internet.

Connect with:

  • Suppliers

  • Customers

  • Warehouse providers

  • Transport providers

  • Internal applications

  • Product management services

  • Banks

Our complementary service, Colladium, a business network for collaboration and trade, enables you to onboard your entire business network to EDI, while offering communication and collaboration abilities.

MessageXchange is 100% Australian owned and operated and ISO 27001 certified in information security management, so you can rest assured your data will remain secure.

Why choose MessageXchange?

MessageXchange is a leading B2B integration and EDI provider with over 20 years of experience in electronic messaging, processing over 150 million messages per annum.

Trusted by some of the largest companies in Australia, we provide cost effective, state-of-the-art technology to support your business to establish an automated, paperless business network.


Data and Content Management
Marketplace integration software

Certified transport EDI software
EDI network (VAN)
EDI software


EDI Gateway

A MessageXchange EDI Gateway electronically connects your business to your trading partners with full support for all EDIFACT, XML and other message types used to trade today.

EDI webforms

Perfect for those needing compliance, our low cost webform solution enables you to trade electronically with major Australian retailers.

Colladium Gateway

Enable EDI for 100% of your business network through Colladium. Once onboarded, suppliers and/or customers can exchange procurement messages, product data and more at no cost through the web interface. Go beyond EDI through Colladium, where you can communicate and collaborate with your entire business network.


Our team are experts in all industry standard file formats like EDIFACT, X12, XML, XBRL, iDOCs and flat files, and can assist in mapping, or translating, your native file to the requires format.

Business intelligence

Gain rich insights into your supply chain through the data in your messages. Setup customised reports such as DIFOT, supplier performance, errors and more.

Business process management

Implement customised business processes in your Gateway for multi-way matching, error handling, message splitting and more.

Community onboarding

Our team can help you analyse your trading partners EDI capabilities to define an onboarding plan designed for the best uptake. We also offer Colladium, a free webform service, so you can enable 100% of your community.

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