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Scandit mobile computer vision software brings unrivalled scanning performance to any app on any smart device, turning it into a powerful data-capture tool and allowing companies to:

  • Reduce costs - Replacing inflexible hardware and infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. A barcode scanning software solution is typically one-third the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a traditional hardware dedicated scanner.

  • Increase productivity - Equipping employees with a smartphone for scanning speeds up regular processes, delivering significant time savings. Giving employees real-time operational information via AR-overlays on their device adds efficiency across supply chains, logistics and operations.

  • Keep customers & employees happy - ROI can be maximized by focusing on the human impact of using barcode scanning software on familiar, everyday smart devices. Employees appreciate the simplicity of performing regular tasks quickly and customers enjoy personalized services such as Clienteling, Scan-and-Go and Product Information Look-up.

Barcode printing, Scanning & Mobility
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Barcode Scanning

Combining high-performance barcode scanning software with a mobile device adds a new level of speed and efficiency to workflows across the many industries that use barcodes.

Text Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR) added to a smart device instantly reads alphanumeric text on items such as passports & ID cards, VIN codes in automotive, LOT or REF codes in healthcare or manufacturing.

Augmented Reality (AR) Overlay

Information is displayed on the device screen with an AR-overlay. The data source can be anything from product or delivery details to flight information, stock counts or patient verification.

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"Replacing dedicated scanners with lower-end smartphones has helped to lower our total cost of ownership, without impacting scanning performance."
Simon Færch, Coop Denmark

"It's great being able to scan & walk. No more having to zoom in & out, it's even scanning broken barcodes. I seem to be faster at delivering, as this technology is speeding me up."
Yodel employee

"Thanks to the cooperation with Scandit, we can proudly say that we are the first retail chain in the Baltics who offer customers a truly innovative shopping experience."
Edvinas Volkas, CEO, MAXIMA Estonia

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