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Buyerdock Ltd

Buyerdock is an online platform that gives retail buyers and consumers the ability to discover and instantly access relevant product information by filtering for sustainability, recycling information, ingredients or simply for direct feedback.

  • Automatically generate 2D Barcodes

  • WebApp with built-in EU recycling regulation

  • Great consumer engagement tool

Barcode printing, Scanning & Mobility
2D Barcodes
Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)

Consulting services

Data and Content Management
Marketplace integration software

Traceability, Authentication & Provenance
GS1 Digital Link

Buyerdock automatically produce of 2D barocde and app at SKU level for manufactorers, solving the requirement to provide a 2D barcode to retailers in the future and giving the brand the ability to show their detailed information directly with their consumers on pack today (such as allergens, sustainability story etc.). Buyerdock solves the problem of being able to show the correct recycling labels in the EU, digitally and instatnly in multiple languages. This is now already law in Italy and France, without the correct labels, a brand cannot sell there.

Standards certified by GS1 UK:

  • GS1 Identification keys - GTIN

  • GS1 Digital Link - encode digital link into appropriate data carriers

  • GS1 Digital Link - can generate/utilise GS1 Digital Link URL

  • GS1 Web Vocabulary - structured data about an item to a website using GS1 web vocab, so items are machine readable

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Jonathan Sparkes
1a Gilberd Rd Colchester, Essex