Smart Media

Developed in collaboration with Australian industry, GS1 Smart Media is the solution for managing and sharing images, product related digital assets and data with your trading partners

Smart Media is the best value image and data distribution service available. Fees for publishers are based on your annual turnover. Smart Media is FREE to recipients!


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GS1 Smart Media is proudly supported by more than 200 companies across multiple sectors including

What is Smart Media?

Smart Media is an industry solution that enables you to keep a single source of valid, up-to-date and authenticated multimedia files, digital assets and basic product data attributes  - and share these with your trading partners. 

What some of our customers think of Smart Media

Nestle video case study
Simplot video case study


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Benefits of Smart Media

Reduced time to market
Always up-to-date and ready for use images for catalogues, on-line and planograms. All images are automatically validated to GS1 image standards so they will always be accepted.

Single, easy to use system
Smart Media is simple to access, and can be used across Australia and New Zealand.

Cost savings
A single photography and distribution solution for all of your customers. A single fee for unlimited use across Australia and New Zealand. More savings if you are a National Product Catalogue user.

Increased efficiency
Standardised image formats and basic product information available for all clients.

Consistency with other systems
Data can be integrated with National Product Catalogue to avoid duplication.

Customisable information
Add extended product information and customise product data.

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Smart Media examples

TEST - Smart Media 2D image

2D image

2D images are a two-dimensional of a product that are rendered visually on paper, film or on screen in two planes representing width and height.

TEST - Smart Media planogram image

Planogram image

A planogram is a diagram that shows how and where specific retail products should be placed on retail shelves or displays in order to increase customer purchases.

TEST - Smart Media 3D image

3D image

3D images are a three-dimensional representation of a product to show height, width and depth of the item.

TEST - Smart Media 360 image

360 image

360 degree imaging is product photography on a single axis - the product rotates on a single axis while the camera takes pictures at specified degree intervals.

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TEST - Smart Media 3D photography image

3D photography

3D photography: The process of taking a photo with a digital camera, which provides detail and more megapixels to create a 3D product image.

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What some customers have to say about Smart Media

GS1 Australia Smart Media is an ideal solution for receiving product information from our suppliers. It will definitely save us time and effort downloading images, digital assets etc.

Michael Joiner National Shelf Management Manager, Metcash Food & Grocery


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