Recall Health

Ensure the highest levels of safety with a reliable product recall system for the healthcare industry. 

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What is Recall Health?

Recall Health has been specifically designed by GS1 Australia for the healthcare sector, in close consultation with key industry bodies. This includes the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) and various state-based health authorities. 

It can help with product recalls and withdrawals in the Australian healthcare sector. 

  • Healthcare manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, hospitals and state-based health authorities can initiate, receive and exchange information relating to healthcare recalls and withdrawals online
  • Enables fast and efficient removal of unsafe or unsuitable products from the supply chain, retailers, hospitals and the wider marketplace

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Benefits of Recall Health

Faster, simpler communication
Communicate recalls and withdrawals to all trading partners and regulators, via a single whole-of-industry portal.

Lower risks and costs
Reduce risks and cut costs in the way you execute recalls and withdrawals.

Targeted, secure messaging
Target notifications to selected customers with tailored information and progress reporting. Secure system ensures only approved notifications are issued.

Ensure compliance
Easily communicate with healthcare regulators.

Meet certification requirements
Conduct mock recalls for standards certification and audits.

Fast and efficient
Clear handling, disposal and reimbursement instructions to speed the recall process.


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Recall support

National Number: 1300 2RECALL (1300 273 225)
Support hours: 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am – 7.30pm Friday 

For after hours support call +61 3 8581 5976
(If not available, leave a detailed message and a GS1 representative will return your call) 

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Takes 3-5 minutes

Fees | Terms & conditions