Product Photography

Specialising in high quality photography across all industries - in-house studio or on-site

Why use Product Photography?

  • Showcase key features and product attributes using high resolution 2D and 3D images with major retailers in the food and grocery sector
  • Take shoppers on a visual journey
  • Give your product a competitive edge in an over-crowded marketplace
  • Minimise product returns with detailed product images

Amazon Photography

  • High quality images compliant photography for selling on Amazon
  • Upload product images to Amazon with confidence they meet requirements
  • High quality images provide a competitive edge in a busy marketplace
  • The only official licensed barcode provider authorised to supply barcodes to Amazon in Australia

Liquor Photography

  • Innovative photography to differentiate your product online
  • Specialising in lighting, spritzing, concept and stylised photography for digital and print
  • Bespoke photography to help your product stand out
  • Watch short video

Lifestyle Photography

  • Complement your product with stylised image of real-life situations
  • Capture artistic lifestyle photos for e-Commerce
  • Develop your brand story and connect with customers
  • Make your product stand out with captivating and creative photos

Building and Construction

  • Showcase high quality photography for residential and commercial developments
  • Share a wide range of interior and exterior materials and finishes with clients
  • Build and develop your digital asset portfolio
  • Access photography services on-site


  • Capture high quality images of parts and components across the supply chain
  • Enhance your assets with professional stylised photography
  • Access onsite photography service or in-house studio

Planogram Imaging

  • Product images to support retail visual merchandising
  • Provide accurate product representation for on-shelf planning
  • Help create a consumer view of shelf layout
  • Create accurate planograms with GS1 weights and measures

Clipping Paths

  • Remove backgrounds from images for placement in print and digital
  • Ensure your product images can be used in any marketplace
  • Improve the quality of your images to provide a better online experience
  • Meet retailer requirements with accurate and valid clipping paths

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