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Create an efficient, single source of product images to match the needs of your trading partners worldwide. 

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What is GS1 product photography?

Product images can be a vital component of your supply chain. When you take advantage of this service, you will receive high quality, cost-effective images of your products. 

  • Our images adhere to image, colour and quality guidelines
  • Photos can be used for marketing, web promotions, thumbnails, planograms and more
  • We can provide your product photography as well as our Barcode Check service
  • You only need to submit one request - and we will cost effectively package the service for you

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Benefits of product photography

Match the needs of your trading partners
Our image quality and dimensions meet industry standards, which fulfills the needs of your trading partners.

Convenient and flexible
We can take professional digital images of your products alongside our Barcode Check serviceSimply submit a testing request form and specify your imaging requirements. One form and one process will save you time, cost and effort.

Simple and straightforward
Product images taken by GS1 Australia (both planogram and marketing images) can be supplied via email or via secure, web-based file exchange. If you are a Smart Media user, we can simply upload images straight into your catalogue for immediate access by all of your trading partners.

Flexible use
We specialise in retail photography for planogram shelf space management, multiple views for 3D high-resolution images, 360-degree rotational images, online and printed catalogues, and marketing image requirements.

Cost effective
We offer competitive pricing on our photography services, and savings for photography value packs. 

High quality
Our photographers ensure product images adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality. Retouching is as seamless and undetectable as possible, with the aim to be convincing at a minimum of 200% magnification. Product blemishes, expiration and best before dates are edited for maximum quality.

What some customers have to say about product photography

The GS1 photographer was dedicated, flexible and a pleasure to work with. I was very happy with the final results and it was great value for money. Will certainly be going back.

Geoff Sherren ZAVU


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