Benefits of the new NPC Healthcare Dataset

The improved Healthcare Dataset ensures that information for your products can be provided consistently and ensures better data accuracy and quality so that it can be used by the public and private Healthcare sector as well as Pharmacies. The data from the National Product Catalogue (NPC) supports,

  • Better Sourcing through the tendering process, as well as, site requests for products available on the National Product Catalogue.

  • Categorisation of products by healthcare recipients, to drive analysis and support product substitution and replacement where needed to meet demand.

  • Support for EDI – Purchase Order/Invoice Reconciliation.

  • Assist with Patient Safety, Medication management and dispensing through supplying mandatory attributes such as AMT-CTPP, Active ingredients, medication form, dose, and strength, etc.

  • Rebates / reimbursement that are available for certain prosthesis products and products on PBS/RPBS scheme.

  • Strengthening product recall management.

  • Logistics and inventory management by providing product pack sizes, trade item descriptions and other supply chain information.

  • Data for products (incl. pricing) aids recipients with analytics around Spend, Procurement and Usage.

Important changes, made to the Healthcare Data Set, for the National Product Catalogue include.

  • Streamlined data based on type of product – Medicine/Device/Other.

  • Some attributes are mandatory, and some are product specific. See data set and examples provided in this supplier pack.

  • Removed several attributes from the healthcare data model.

  • Introduced additional attributes for Medicines and devices to better capture product data such as,

    • Active ingredients (as per ARTG) and allergens for Medicines

    • Material Statement Description for Devices

    • Warranty information for Medical Devices

    • GHS (Globally Harmonised System) for both Medicines and Devices

    • Product Sponsor (Party Role / Name) where company is not listed as the TGA Sponsor

    • Uniform Resource Identifiers or URLs for drug fact sheets, safety data sheets, instructions for use…etc

    • Referenced GTIN for product substitutions or replacements…etc

  • UNSPSC code is mandatory and will be used to validate product data according to the product type, in addition to other new rules being introduced in September.


Timeline of changes

Update to Validation Rules

Late September 2021

NPC release 21.09 - scheduled for late September production release

Update to Data Quality

October 2021 & January 2022

Warning rules to be included within October 2021 DQ Reports (3 months as Warnings)