Transport Labelling Project in Freight and Logistics

Within the industry, it is well recognised that there is a lack of harmony when it comes to logistics and transport labels. This inconsistency significantly hinders systems interoperability and visibility across multi-modal or multi-carrier supply chains, leading to unnecessary additional costs .

To combat this, GS1 Australia recently ran a project in which we aimed to provide industry with a common framework for freight labelling.

The project has several key objectives:  

  • Reduce the need to maintain multiple label templates

  • Reduce the need to re-label freight as it passes between participants in the supply chain

  • Improve the readability of labels

  • Provide a foundation for simpler and more cost effective implementation of automated transport management processes

  • Supports the Transport B2B eCommerce project by linking the physical freight to the information about it

If you have any questions about this initiative, or would like to be involved, call 1300 BARCODE (AEST business hours) or send us an email