National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities Inquiry Report

The inquiry report highlights how data standards play a critical role in supply chain integration across the country. A crucial part of the strategy is to develop a nation-wide, consistent and ’integrated approach‘ for the movement of freight in the supply chain.

Freight modes and operators will need to work together for the whole network to be efficient and operate simultaneously with completely vertically integrated supply chains that already exist.  A national approach to freight includes planning, infrastructure investment and regulation. This approach is important to not only maximise benefits to Australia, but also increase international competition.

Harmonisation, streamlined regulation and cross-border planning among the Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments present future challenges and opportunities which require a national approach. 

Recommended priorities for an integrated approach in the report include Priority 1.3: “Encourage adoption of global data standards and collaborative electronic platforms across all freight modes to streamline the exchange, comparison, and understanding of data within the land, sea and air freight sectors.” 

The release of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy is expected in May 2019.

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