Export Supply Chain Visibility Project

Through this proof of concept project, we aimed to demonstrate the value of using global data standards to increase visibility, security and transparency across international supply chains.

The project exists within the auspices of APEC, Australia’s premier regional forum for the promotion of trade liberalisation. APEC aims to remove impediments to trade, improve supply chain connectivity, reduce costs and simplify trade procedures.

The project aimed to: 

  • Demonstrate increased supply chain visibility and connectivity

  • Highlight the benefits of using international data standards

  • Support APEC’s target of lowering supply chain cost by 10% by 2015

  • Show that the use of GS1 identifiers in the cross-border supply chain can have real direct benefits for traders, customers and governments

  • Facilitate more secure and efficient supply chains in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Boost business confidence and drive economic growth

  • Reduce costs and drive significant supply chain efficiencies

  • Enhance product traceability and make recalls of unsafe products more effective

  • Enable data interoperability between all stakeholders using supply chain event tracking processes and technology

Read the APEC report