Certified transport software

The GS1 Transport Certification Program tests software in relation to the minimum requirements outlined in the Scan4Transport and Transport EDI Guidelines.

The Certification program focuses on:

The Transport Certification Process provides solution providers the technical knowledge and experience to implement the Australian Transport Standards for barcoding and/or EDI.

By certifying your solution your company will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your compliance with GS1 standards through the use of GS1 Certification Seals

  • Associate your solution more closely with GS1 Australia in the transport and logistics marketplace

  • Differentiate yourself from other solution providers in the market

  • Leverage GS1 marketing opportunities and transport industry events

  • Profile your solution within the Freight & Logistics section of the GS1 Australia website

  • Participate in industry programs

The Transport Certification Program is conducted by GS1 Australia and offers the following certification options:

  • Certified Scan4Transport Labelling Software 

  • Certified Transport EDI software 

Certification process

To certify your software and/or become a Certified Transport Solution Provider, you will need to:

  • Complete a Certified Transport Certification application form

  • Produce software templates and / or GS1 XML messages in-line with GS1 Guidelines

  • Complete relevant testing and compliance processes (i.e. barcode testing, EDI testing)

  • Demonstrate ongoing compliance with GS1 standards

If you have any questions contact the Freight and Logistics Team.
Note: Certification is only available to companies who develop or implement software which meet the requirements of the GS1 system relevant for the Australian Transport industry.