Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)

What are GSINs?

GSIN is a number assigned by a seller and shipper of goods to identify a shipment comprised of one or more logistic units that are intended to be delivered together.

Supporting Collateral & Guidelines

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Use GSINs to identify a group of logistic units for the purpose of a transport shipment that travels under the one bill of lading. This ID Key is generally assigned by the supplier of the shipment.

  • The logistic units keep the same GSIN during all transport stages, from origin to destination. The GSIN identifies the logical grouping of one or several logistic units, each identified with a separate SSCC

  • The GSIN can be encoded by the shipper in a barcode or as text on a House Waybill, or in addition to the SSCC, on a logistics label

  • The GSIN can be electronically used by a company in transport instruction and transport status messages between freight forwarder and transport provider, and as a reference in the Despatch Advice

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The GSIN is fully compatible with ISO/IEC 15459-6 PART 8: Grouping of Transport Units. The GSIN also meets the requirements for a Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) according to the world customs organisation.